Drugs In Popular Movies

Drugs are featured in a plethora of different movies. Sometimes the main characters derive an income from selling these illicit substances. Other films show the negative effects that certain hard drugs can have on both the body and mind.

Walk The Line

This biopic depicts the eventful life of the country singing legend, Johnny Cash. It shows how Cash eventually developed a debilitating drug habit while out touring with his band. In one scene he even nearly dies in a tractor accident while high. His substance abuse threatens to alienate himself from his family and friends. Only after going clean does his life go back to normal.

A Star Is Born

There have been several versions of this story over the years. Each one is different, however they still all show the same disintegration of a star due to alcoholism. The plot follows a couple who achieve high levels of fame. Unfortunately, tragedy occurs due to problem drinking.

Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas

Johnny Depp stars in this adaption of the Hunter S. Thompson novel. In it he plays a journalist who travels to Las Vegas in order to take copious amounts of drugs. He has an entire collection of substances to consume, which includes LSD, cocaine and mescaline.


Limitless is about a man who develops an addiction to a fictional drug. The substance in question is NZT-48, which allows users to access 100 percent of their mental capacity. However, the side effects are debilitating and withdrawal can be deadly.


In this classic crime drama of the 1980s, a small time gangster rises through the ranks of a drug running organisation. Eventually he becomes the boss and has access to copious amounts of cocaine. However, he and his partner soon develop an addiction to their product which seriously affects their lives.

Pulp Fiction

Uma Thurman plays Mia, a woman who suffers an accidental overdose. Luckily she is revived in a visceral scene where her heart is injected with adrenaline. At one point a hitman played by John Travolta consumes heroin.

Easy Rider

At the start of this road movie two bikers are transporting cocaine around in the petrol tanks of their chopper bikes. During their trip transporting it they encounter a number of unusual characters.

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