Maintaining Your Health When Recovering From Substance Misuse

Substance misuse can be an addiction that many face for a long time, and it’s never easy to recover from. A lot of help is out there when recovering from substance misuse and those in recovery are able to begin the process of fighting the addiction and getting themselves better. When in recovery, maintaining your health is an important part of keeping yourself in good shape and helping to prevent yourself from relapsing. Here is some advice for how you can maintain your health when recovering from substance misuse.

Healthy Diet

Sticking to a healthy diet is a good way to keep your body in the best condition and maintaining good health. When someone is struggling with substance misuse, it’s not uncommon for their maintenance of a healthy diet to be neglected and for eating patterns to be impacted. Keeping a healthy diet requires some form of routine and can only work when we monitor ourselves and what we’re putting into our body, which can be helpful when it comes to substance recovery as sticking to a routine and pushing ourselves to continue are positive factors in staying in recovery and not relapsing – with routine being effective at keeping us busy and distracted. Ensure you’re eating the recommended amount of fruit and vegetables each day, and drink plenty of water so that your body can remain hydrated. Substance misuse can have numerous health effects, so maintaining a healthy diet is one of the ways of allowing your body to recover and get into a better state.

Mental Health

Mental health and substance misuse typically go hand in hand, with poor mental health often being a cited factor in why someone falls into substance misuse and subsequently relapses when in recovery. Maintaining our mental wellbeing isn’t always easy, with many external factors often going into it. However, it is possible to stay on top of things and help is available when things are a little harder.

Depending on the reasons for having poor mental health, therapy sessions can be effective in getting to the root cause of our issues and allowing us to speak about what’s bothering us in a neutral and non-judgemental environment with trained professionals. Medications are also available that can help with some of the symptoms that result from mental health issues such as depression. For those who struggle with body image, there are options out there that can assist such as breast augmentation with implants from that can allow patients to gain an increase in self-confidence. Body image issues can also be discussed in therapeutic settings, with different treatment options working best for different people.


Developing an exercise routine can be a good way of spending your time when recovering from substance misuse, whilst also allowing you to stay in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The routine of exercising regularly can be a good distraction when in recovery, allowing you to occupy your mind with other things and keeping yourself busy. Exercise is important for maintaining our health and preventing obesity, and in connection with maintaining a healthy diet and keeping on top of your mental health, it can keep you healthy all-round.

Recovering from substance misuse is difficult and is a journey that many are on for a lifetime, but keeping healthy can help to introduce more positive habits and can keep your body in the best of shape.

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