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Drugs In Popular Movies

Drugs are featured in a plethora of different movies. Sometimes the main characters derive an income from selling these illicit substances. Other film
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Substance Misuse and Help

There is no significant difference between regular substance use and substance abuse. It is hard to know when substance users have moved from using the substance to abusing it.
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Addiction Movies

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a widespread issue that affects people from all different cultures. Hollywood often makes movies with addict charact
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Stoner Movies

Not all depictions of drugs in movies are negative. An entire sub-genre of comedy has emerged where the protagonists enjoy regularly smoking cannabis.
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It’s Always Sunny

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia is an American sitcom starring Danny DeVito. It follows a group of selfish friends who run a pub together. Throughou
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Brandon Novak

Brandon Novak is an American celebrity who came to the attention of the public due to his illustrious career as a professional skateboarder. He became