Avoiding Relapse Into Substance Misuse

Addiction is a form of illness, and there is no clear rule on how to get completely healed. It takes self-awareness, determination, and support for someone to be completely drug-free. Even people who have gone through substance misuse rehabilitation can slip back into addiction. That is why they must not just focus on getting clean, but they should also think of ways to avoid sinking back into the habit.

Precautions to Avoid Relapsing

  • Protect your social life: Stay away from friends who are still misusing substances. No matter how strong you think you are, sometimes, all it takes to push you back into addiction is being around people who are still addicted. You should also get rid of all the triggers, including unused medication that you could potentially abuse.
  • Have a mentor/ accountability partner: Having someone who has experienced the journey you are on or someone who deeply cares for you and wants you to stop is a good starting point of avoiding a relapse.
  • Remember why you stopped: Addiction hurts families and leaves unforgettable memories that are extremely painful. Before you slip back into addiction, think of how life was when you were an addict and the hurt that your friends and family felt. That should be enough motivation for you to stop.
  • Keep in touch with rehabilitation center: If you have gone through rehabilitation, you should not cut ties with them. Keep in touch, and if possible, you should consider visiting occasionally. This will keep you grounded and be a reminder of how far you have come and the future that awaits you.

If you find yourself constantly toying with the idea of going back to substance misuse, then you should book in with a therapist. Do not be afraid of admitting how you feel to the people closest to you.

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