Maintaining Your Health When Recovering From Substance Misuse

Substance misuse can be an addiction that many face for a long time, and it’s never easy to recover from. A lot of help is out there when recovering

Avoiding Relapse Into Substance Misuse

Addiction is a form of illness, and there is no clear rule on how to get completely healed. It takes self-awareness, determination, and support for someone to be completely

Teenagers and Substance Misuse

Over the years, there has been an increase in the number of teenagers using drugs and falling into addiction. The UK is battling a looming crisis of young people


Alcoholism is a severe addiction to drinking alcohol. Those who suffer from it will be unable to control their drinking habits. This disorder is organ

Drugs In Popular Movies

Drugs are featured in a plethora of different movies. Sometimes the main characters derive an income from selling these illicit substances. Other film

Crime In Wales Fuelled By Drugs

There have been reports of daily crimes in the Welsh area of Llanelli, Carmarthenshire. These incidents have been due to drug dealing and taking. The

Substance Misuse and Help

There is no significant difference between regular substance use and substance abuse. It is hard to know when substance users have moved from using the substance to abusing it.

Drug Overdose

An overdose occurs when the human body consumes a toxic amount of drugs. When this happens the body is overwhelmed and can potentially shut down. Ther

Physical Dependence And Addiction

Sometimes people believe that addiction and physical dependence are one and the same. In actuality, there is a clear difference. Addiction, also known

Addiction Movies

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a widespread issue that affects people from all different cultures. Hollywood often makes movies with addict charact